Egg Muffins

Egg Muffins
1 1/2 cup cooked and crumbled sweet Italian sausage (optional)
Veggies: 1 c mixed sauteed veggies: onions, zucchini, corn kernels — whatever you have on hand
Alternately: 4 oz fresh greens—kale, spinach, chard, chopped

1 dozen large eggs
1/2 cup milk
2/3 cup shredded cheese (I use cheddar)
salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
salsa, for serving (totally optional, but totally good)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Spray 12 muffin cups with nonstick spray.

After you cook the sausage (if you’re using sausage), scoop it into a paper towel-lined bowl to drain and cool, then wipe out the pan with a paper towel. If you’re sauteeing greens, quickly cook the spinach in the same pan, just until wilted. Let it cool, then squeeze any excess moisture out of it.

Going vegetarian? Sautee the greens in olive oil til wilted.
Sautee raw veggies—onions, green peppers, zucchini, etc—in olive oil til just tender. Frozen corn kernels should be thawed. Use what you’ve got on hand.

In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs and milk. Distribute veggies &/or sausage evenly among 12 muffin cups. Fill muffin cups with egg mixture, about 2/3 full. Sprinkle cheese on top. Then give each one a good dose of salt and pepper.

Bake 25 to 30 minutes, or until egg is cooked through. Easy way to check the egg: touch the middle of the muffins… if they are still wet and gooey, they’ll need a little more time in the oven. They should feel cooked through.

Serve egg muffins immediately- with salsa, if desired.

Egg muffins freeze beautifully. Pull out frozen egg muffin in the morning and microwave on high for 30 seconds – 1 minute, depending on your microwave.


About Anna K Amendolare

Anna, of aka design, is a web designer and digital marketer. She writes recipes for South Mountain Creamery, manages everything for Coffee & Cocktails with MC, and helps her small business clients find success online. When she is not in front of her computer, she enjoys baking, craft beer, and spinning & cycling to burn off those calories.

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